The future of urban mobility.

Your Zyp electric pedal assist bike will assist you with a little extra ‘zyp’ when you need it most.


  • Feel comfortable
  • Climb a hill like it’s nothing
  • Don’t sweat
  • Ride longer distances
  • Stay fit

Electric pedal assist bikes

Zyp BikeShare was the first bike share in North America to offer our users the Pedelec electric assisted bicycle as part of our bike fleet. It makes climbing a hill or staying cool in the summer a breeze! Look for the white lighening bolt on the back fender.

8 Speed Bikes

Zyp also offers regular 8-speed bikes so you can take it easy or get the blood pumping.

Smart Bikes

All Zyp bikes know where they are, and where they’ve been. Check your previous routes on the web or on the App. You can check your stats and ride details.


All the bikes have an internal bettery. The Pedelec bikes assist you with pedalling and will give your ride that extra 'zyp'. All the Zyp bikes charge at the station so remember to dock often to charge it, or take a bike with higher battery . Push the horn button on the handlebars to view the battery status.


Change the seat height for a good fit


Every bike has front and rear lights and reflectors


Stash your purse, lunch or groceries on the deep front basket