Even though this offer is over, we still appreciate our Shyfters*:


You became the firsts; the people who believed before everyone else. You became our founders; those forward-thinking individuals who set the standard for their peers. You became a trailblazer; someone with fresh ideas and a new direction.


Zyp BikeShare offered you the exclusive opportunity and you acted. You are responsible for a cultural shift in Birmingham’s connectivity, activity, and sustainability, and that’s why you are a Shyfter! You will receive:

  1. Invitation to participate in the Zyp BikeShareLaunch Event
  2. Exclusive black Key Fob
  3. First hour of every ride is included in Membership (45 minutes is the maximum for other Members)
  4. Zyp Hi-Performance T-shirt
  5. Exclusive invitations to select BikeShare events throughout the year
  6. Discounts at some of your favorite local businesses
  7. Sheer gratification of being a Shyfter
No longer available
2 years member
First hour of each ride is included.**
Sold Out

* SHYFTER (n): a forward-thinking individual who values progress, proudly serves as a model to be imitated, and is responsible for a cultural “shyft” in Birmingham’s transportation and environment.


** Notes: 
You can ride as many times a day as you wish. 
Switching to a new Zyp bike will reset the 1 hour ride time. 
An Overtime Charges are incurred only if you go over 1 hour at one time.