1 Month Pass

Zyp commuter or regular joy rider?


The 1-Month pass gives you unlimited rides for one calendar month. They are available from station kiosks, the Zyp mobile app and Online. 

Register online and you'll have the option to make your 1-Month pass renewable, so you'll always have access to the system.

The first 45 minutes of every ride is included in the pass price. Overtime Charges apply after 45 minutes. Read below for more details.


  • Buy your pass at a kiosk and you'll recive a durable pass card to use to unlock the bikes
  • Sign up on the Zyp app and you'll be able to check out a bike through the app. no worries about losing a card!
  • Register Online then use the app to unlock the bikes. Want a Physical fob too for extra convenince? No problem! Choose the fob option at checkout and we'll mail one out to you.


Purchase at a kiosk, Zyp app or Online




First 45 minutes of each ride is included *

Register Now


You can ride as many times as you like for the duration of your pass.

You can check out a bike from any station and return it to any other.

You can use the secondary lock to secure the bike during quick stops. Remember this lock does NOT stop your timer. 

At the end of your ride return the bike to any Zyp station.

Ensure the bike screen says DOCKED to be sure your ride has ended correctly.

Rides over 45 minutes will incur Overtime Charges.

Docking and checking out your Zyp bike will reset the 45 minutes ride time.


Overtime Charges

Make sure to keep an eye on the bike timer (located on the screen between the handlebars). If you happen to go over 45 minutes during any single ride, you will incur Overtime Charges. 


Passes with unlimited rides (1-Day, 3-Day, 1-Month) can avoid Overtime Charges by simply docking and checking out your bike again at any station to get a fresh 45 minutes!


Prices for riding longer

The first 45 minutes of each ride is included with your pass.

After 45 minutes: 

  • 0-30 minutes + $2.00
  • Each additional ½ hour + $4.00